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From Google to Graduate

My journey into the baby and toddler sleep space started like many others. Countless hours spent Googling “how to get my baby to sleep” and significant money spent downloading every how-to guide and DIY course imaginable. My oldest was the worst sleeper and I’m telling you, I can claim that badge. He could never be put down, ever. He would sleep for promptly 24 minutes before waking up and woke up at least five times a night. On top of his poor sleep habits, he was a crier. A textbook colicky baby, although he did not have colic, and absolutely no one could calm him down but his mama. I was tired y’all. A tired no one but a mother could understand. I held him all night long for two months until we began bedsharing and for every single nap until four months old. I was desperate.

Now to give my son some credit, he had silent reflux and both a tongue and lip tie that took far too long to be diagnosed that played a significant role in his inability to sleep well and independently.

Disclaimer: Please seek out medical attention and/or advice from a lactation consultant who specializes in oral ties if you see red flags such as: pulling off breast/bottle, arching their back during feeds, rigid body, inconsolable crying at feeds, difficulty laying flat, sleeping with mouth open or snoring, low lying tongue or resting open mouth posture.

I became so consumed with achieving the perfect sleep for him, I refused to ever leave the house. Lunch date? No thanks, that’s nap time! Wedding? Send my regrets bedtime is promptly at 7:30. You get the idea. I was miserable! But in the midst of sleep deprivation, I became a pro.

You see math has always been my best subject and baby sleep is simply one large math equation. I ended up thriving on calculating wake windows, total day wake time and total sleep time and ended up getting my son to take glorious naps and sleep through the night. We went from less than 25 min naps 5-6x a day to three 50-min+ naps and from five overnight wakings and feeds in bed with me to one night waking in his crib within a few weeks. I enjoyed finding that sweet spot for naps and bedtime during his first year so much, I decided to become certified in infant and toddler sleep. I want to help other sleep deprived mamas find rest and enjoyment and not live in fear of messing up their baby’s sleep, if they leave the house.


What are my sleep training beliefs?

When it comes to sleep training, I don’t believe in a one size fits all option. I believe there are methods that match every family’s comfort level and every baby’s temperament. I do not believe in cry it out. I believe in responsive parenting that matches your baby’s needs and temperament. I will work with you to determine that perfect method that allows you and your child to have success.

Do my methods of sleep training involve crying?

Yes. There will likely always be some crying involved with sleep training, but that does not mean cry it out. When you are changing a behavior (aka sleep training) you will see protest. For babies and young toddlers, their way of communicating with you is through crying.

Why hire a sleep consultant?

We all know there are free resources on baby sleep and sleep training methods on the internet. However, the internet does not know your baby. It can also be so consuming with conflicting information that can make you feel like a failure when it comes to your baby’s sleep. I tailor a sleep plan specific for you and your family and stand beside you coaching and cheering you on every step of the way. I’m there to navigate through hiccups and work tirelessly until we have achieved the best sleeper and you regain rest. Let me take the guesswork out of bedtime.

What makes me different from other sleep consultants?

First thing, I’m not here to judge you. I want to guide you and educate you on strategies to get better sleep. I am also an occupational therapist, which means I have higher level knowledge on developmental skills, medical diagnosis and sensory needs that could be impacting your child’s sleep.

If you’re ready to change the way your family sleeps, I am here to help! Check out my 1:1 services here.

Better rest is coming,


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